Oh boy! Oh boy! I am in love with this wedding!

The location was amazing! The house where they got ready was decorated like something out of a Texas dream! I felt like I was going to run into Joanna and Chip Gaines! I just kept finding awesome things in every corner! Megan and Hunter were an absolute dream! They are so much in love and so much fun, my job was super easy! Well, minus the random downpour we got to endure… huge thanks to my assistant/second shooter Lindsey Lake for holding an umbrella over me for some of the photos!

I couldn’t have asked for better vendors to work with!

La Tee Da – flowers

Adalante Catering – more than I can even describe… this crew went above and beyond!

All American Tent Rental – a HUGE amazing tent

Tyler UpLights – beautiful lights

Faces by Tasha – amazing bridal makeup!

Group Therapy – jamming live band, they kept the dance floor packed ALL night!

Stomp_3621 Stomp_3622 Stomp_3623 Stomp_3624 Stomp_3625 Stomp_3626 Stomp_3627 Stomp_3628 Stomp_3629 Stomp_3630 Stomp_3631 Stomp_3632 Stomp_3633 Stomp_3634 Stomp_3635 Stomp_3636 Stomp_3637 Stomp_3638 Stomp_3639 Stomp_3640

See what I mean… absolute monsoon! But these beauties still look flawless!Stomp_3641 Stomp_3642 Stomp_3643 Stomp_3644 Stomp_3645 Stomp_3646 Stomp_3647

I don’t remember what the pastor/groom’s uncle said here… but I LOVE IT!Stomp_3648 Stomp_3649 Stomp_3650 Stomp_3651 Stomp_3652 Stomp_3653 Stomp_3654 Stomp_3655 Stomp_3656 Stomp_3657 Stomp_3658 Stomp_3659 Stomp_3660 Stomp_3661 Stomp_3662 Stomp_3663 Stomp_3664 Stomp_3665 Stomp_3666 Stomp_3667 Stomp_3668 Stomp_3669 Stomp_3670 Stomp_3671