I have never laughed so much at one wedding! These two had everyone laughing the whole day! And, if you can laugh and decide to keep going when it starts raining during your ceremony, you are one cool couple in my book! LaurenAshley_4482

See that laughter I was talking about…. wait for it… do you see it yet?
















Jenny and John wanted to make sure their day was extremely unique and special to them. Seeing as how they met playing Dungeons and Dragons, they knew they wanted to incorporate their love for all things D&D, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings. Initially I had no idea how this would translate on their wedding day, but everything came together and it was one of the most beautifully done weddings I have ever been a part of. The team of vendors made this day perfect. It all started with the venue, Castle on the Lake. Could you think of a better venue for this type of event than a castle?! From the flowers (La Tee Da) and decor, all the way down to the dinner they planned for everyone their theme touched everything. Almost every guest dressed the part, even me and my shooting assistant.

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This season has been so so busy with lovely family sessions for Christmas cards and such… so when I get to do the occasional engagement session it makes my heart happy! These two love birds were so much fun. Giggly, and chatting the whole time! Plus the light is just gorgeous for their session!

LaurenAshley_4244 LaurenAshley_4245 LaurenAshley_4246 LaurenAshley_4247 LaurenAshley_4248 LaurenAshley_4249 LaurenAshley_4250 LaurenAshley_4251 LaurenAshley_4252 LaurenAshley_4253 LaurenAshley_4254 LaurenAshley_4255 LaurenAshley_4256 LaurenAshley_4257 LaurenAshley_4258 LaurenAshley_4259 LaurenAshley_4260 LaurenAshley_4261

love – lauren

Amber and Sam… where do I begin? I love this couple! They are so much fun together! And, isn’t Amber stunning in her dress!? I mean, she is rocking that bridal look! Also, check out her amazing ring!!! Have you ever seen anything more beautiful or unique?

The colors Amber chose really compliment The Castle on the Lake! It’s such a unique location! Plus you have to love how this day turned out… when I showed up it was POURING rain! I mean, a monsoon! And then the sun came out and made their day magical!

LaurenAshley_3870 LaurenAshley_3871 LaurenAshley_3872 LaurenAshley_3873 LaurenAshley_3874 LaurenAshley_3875 LaurenAshley_3876 LaurenAshley_3877 LaurenAshley_3878 LaurenAshley_3879 LaurenAshley_3880 LaurenAshley_3881 LaurenAshley_3882 LaurenAshley_3883 LaurenAshley_3884 LaurenAshley_3885 LaurenAshley_3886 LaurenAshley_3887 LaurenAshley_3888 LaurenAshley_3889 LaurenAshley_3890 LaurenAshley_3891 LaurenAshley_3892 LaurenAshley_3893 LaurenAshley_3894 LaurenAshley_3895 LaurenAshley_3896 LaurenAshley_3897 LaurenAshley_3898